Gianluca Grilli, Ph.D.
System Programming Research Group
Department of Computer Science, Systems and Industrial Engineering
University of Rome "Tor Vergata"

Born in Rome in 1977



  • Ph.D. Computer Science and Information engineering
    Thesis:"Data dissemination in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks" Advisor: Prof. Daniel Pierre Bovet.
  • Research Scholar at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) - NRL Network Research Lab, Advisor: Prof. Mario Gerla.
  • Certified Professional Engineer (PE) in Information Engineering.
  • Degree with summa in Computer Engineering at University of Rome "Tor Vergata".
Thesis in Operating Systems (title: "IRQ Distribution in Multiprocessor Systems", Advisor: Prof. Daniel Pierre Bovet).


My area of research is Operating Systems and Networking. I am especially interested in security issues in Unix systems and network protocols for ad-hoc and veichular networks.
Other interests include HPC, HA clusters, embedded systems and real-time operating systems.

Teaching (Academic)

Operating Systems (for telecommunication engineering)
(Mar.2009 - Apr.2009 Teacher)
Operating Systems
(Oct.2006 - Dec.2006 Teacher)
Advanced Linux OS
(Mar.2006 - May 2006 Teacher Assistant)
(Mar.2007 - May 2007 Teacher Assistant)
Linux Kernel Hacking Free Course 2008
Linux Kernel Hacking Free Course 2006


If you are interested in operating systems and networking (in particular, vehicular ad-hoc networks, VANET) feel free to contact me by email. Please, consider that strong programming skills (mainly in C/C++) and knowledge of computer architectures are often required.

Teaching (Professional)

I work as consultant instructor for an important IT company where I teach courses under the following areas:
    • Networking (basic and advanced levels)
    • Network troubleshooting with Fluke Networks instruments
    • Cisco Systems "Intro" and "Icnd" courses
    • Comptia Network+ Certification Official Training Course
    • Network  Security (IDS, Firewalling, VPNs)
    • UNIX generic (basic, advanced and System Administration)
    • IBM AIX (basic, advanced and System Administration)
    • Official Red Hat Linux Courses (basic, advanced and System Administration)
I taught IT courses for many international companies, in italian as well as in english language.


Technical Reports
    • Nahal Farhi, Eugenio Giordano, Gianluca Grilli, Amir Mohsen Jourabchi, Sepehr Sahba, "GPSR Implementation for Qualnet 4.0", UCLA TR no. 080005-2008
    • Pasquale Cataldi, Mario Gerla, Gianluca Grilli, Andrea Tomatis, "Careless data dissemination in mobility environment with rateless codes", UCLA TR no. 080023-2008
    • Pasquale Cataldi, Andrea Tomatis, Gianluca Grilli, Mario Gerla, "A novel data dissemination method for vehicular networks with rateless codes", UCLA TR no. 090009-2009

Conference papers
    • Pasquale Cataldi, Andrea Tomatis, Gianluca Grilli, Mario Gerla, "A novel data dissemination method for vehicular networks with Rateless Codes", in Proc. of IEEE WCNC 2009, Budapest, Hungary, April 2009.
    • Andrea Tomatis, Pasquale Cataldi, Gianluca Grilli, Mario Gerla, "CORP: Cooperative Rateless code protocol for Vehicular Content Dissemination", in Proc. of Med-Hoc-Net 2009, Haifa, Israel, June 2009.